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Mission Opportunities

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Support Christians in Pakistan
There is a huge heart for missions in our small church. We place emphasis on reaching out to our community and world. One of these opportunities comes from the known persecutions within the city of Gojra, Pakistan. Why the big heart for support? Christians represent a small minority of people within Pakistan. This small group of people are not able to get the food and clothing they need.
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Needs in Pakistan

Food and Clothing

Right now the Christians in Pakistan are not able to easily acquire the food and clothing they need. This is due largely to the fact that they are persecuted for being Christians and not Muslims. Therefore, they are not able to work many times to reach their daily needs.

If your heart desires to aid these families, they do require food and clothing.

Sunday School in Gojra Pakistan

Bibles and Sunday School Supplies

There is also an opportunity to help the local Gojra village with supplies for their Sunday School classes for kids. They are in need for bibles in their local language along with the teaching supplies so they may learn about Jesus Christ.